Xen Test Framework
Data Fields
shared_info Struct Reference

#include <xen.h>

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Data Fields

struct vcpu_info vcpu_info [32]
unsigned long evtchn_pending [sizeof(unsigned long) *8]
unsigned long evtchn_mask [sizeof(unsigned long) *8]
uint32_t wc_version
uint32_t wc_sec
uint32_t wc_nsec
uint32_t wc_sec_hi
struct arch_shared_info arch

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file xen.h.

Field Documentation

◆ vcpu_info

struct vcpu_info vcpu_info[32]

Definition at line 153 of file xen.h.

◆ evtchn_pending

unsigned long evtchn_pending[sizeof(unsigned long) *8]

Definition at line 186 of file xen.h.

◆ evtchn_mask

unsigned long evtchn_mask[sizeof(unsigned long) *8]

Definition at line 187 of file xen.h.

◆ wc_version

uint32_t wc_version

Definition at line 193 of file xen.h.

◆ wc_sec

uint32_t wc_sec

Definition at line 194 of file xen.h.

◆ wc_nsec

uint32_t wc_nsec

Definition at line 195 of file xen.h.

◆ wc_sec_hi

uint32_t wc_sec_hi

Definition at line 197 of file xen.h.

◆ arch

struct arch_shared_info arch

Definition at line 200 of file xen.h.

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